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Corporate Culture
core values
The core values of "honest business, innovative businesses, brand the city" has always been Han peoples core values. The ancients said: "people without faith, I do not know! "People:" honest and trustworthy, Fang Cheng feat. "Honesty and makes a loyal to the companys workforce. "Innovation" is the Foundation of this, only forecasts change, adapt to change and promoting change, for change, business can be built to Chang Rong, the fountain of youth; in an increasingly competitive market, integrity, innovation and quality to promote HanJinn brand-building.
Corporate Culture
vision do domestic first-class enterprises to create international well-known brand Han Jin market-oriented, based on quality, technology-driven, supported by management, improve enterprises comprehensive strength.
Cultural concept
Culture spirit of enterprise: top-notch industry-leading
core philosophy: integrity and pragmatic innovation beyond
staff idea: companies have employee benefit can have interest only to pay a return
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